(WT92433/P05) basil FLAVOR (POWDER)



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Categories : Flavor Powder Vegetables


Natural identical powder flavor quality porduct with the feeling of true-nature taste without any synthetic ingredients.

-Increase the value of your products

-Unique taste and sensory 

-Cost reduction

-Safe certified by reowned organization

Product SKU(WT92433/P05) basil FLAVOR (POWDER)
Country of origin  Taiwan
Type of flavor        Natural Identical Flavor
Flavor based          Powder based
Industrial use         Beverage / Food / Bakery / Confectionary / Fragrant and more
Temperature reistance150-180 celcius
Thai's FDA NO.    

Container               Light proof with inner and outer cap (1KG and 5KG)
Product's SpecificationWT92433/P05-SPEC
CapacityPrice regards 1kg bag exclude tax and shipping
Dosage  Below 1% / or depends on user
Whole sale /more info  more infomation,contact us directly
Storage     Keep in dry place / Room temperature / Protect from sunlight / Close the lid tighly 


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