Purchase/Request for sample product

we are welcome customer to our store and test product, but we inform us in advance so we can prepared the samples.

We produce by client's order

For purchased order we produce at every Wednesday and delivery within the same day and the next day.

For sample product order we produce at every Thursday and delivery within the same day.

-Shipping rate
1-2 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100.-
3-5 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 120.-
6-9 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 150.-
10-14 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 190.-
15-19 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 220.-
20-24 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 250.-
25-29 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 300.-
30-35 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 360.-
36-40 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 400.-
41-50 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 460.-
51-60 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 500.-
61-70 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 540.-
71-80 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 580.-
81-90 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 630.-
91-99 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 690.-
morethan 100 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 800.-
morethan120 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>> 850.-
morethan150 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 900.-
morethan200 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 1200.-
morethan500 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 2500.-

Shipping abbroad please contact us 


Normally  we updated our stock at every quater .However, there are some cases that high amount of flavors was ordered ,in this case if the product is out of stock there is 30-45 days leadtime.

Customers can request up to 4 samples at a time, with delivery charges (by distance).
Take a sample of about 2 weeks.

If the customer needs a quick sample. You can order 60 Cc by emailing or by calling 062-5672740.

Minimum Order Quantity For Flavor in stock can buy retail 1 kg.

For items not in stock Minimum Order: 20 kg.

About us

contact us

FACEBOOK PAGE:Allwin Food Thailand กลิ่นผสมอาหารเข้มข้น สกัดจากธรรมชาติ


-Natural identical food flavor : we sell powder , water and oil base of NI food flavors. Several categories of product suchas fruit flavor, coffee flavor, meat flavor, blossom flavor, drink flavor, tea flavor with over 300+ product list.

-We also sell artificial flavors for industry

About Product

1.reduce cost of production.

2.standard production 

3. eliminate undesireable tase and flavor.

4. increase product value


We have documents as follows

1. FDA

2. COA



5. ISO

6. Allergen Ingredient lists

yes, we have RD team which are developing flavors 

Price start at 500baht/KG to 2000/KG





No it does not effect to food taste.

Concentrated liquid.But If the customer wants the powder flavor can be ordered with a minimum order of 1 kg.

Can be mixed directly. Without dilution

Mix ratio is 0.5 - 3% per total weight of raw material. Depending on the type of product.

And customers should try the small amount before to adjust the formula. Can smell strong. Increase or decrease the volume as needed.

- Packing size is 1kg and 5kg.

- The price on the web page is the price of 1 kg.

กลิ่นสามารถทนความร้อน ได้ถึง 150 องศาเซลเซียส

กลิ่นชนิดน้ำ :
ยังไม่เปิดฝา Best before 24เดือน
เปิดฝาแล้ว Best before 12เดือน
กลิ่นชนิดผง :

Best before 6 เดือน

***การจัดเก็บที่ดี คือ เก็บไว้ในห้องอุณหภูมิปกติ หรือ ช่วงอุณหภูมิระหว่าง 21-25 องศาเซลเซียส, ห้องมืดมิดชิด หลีกเลี่ยงแสงแดด หรือโดนแดดเผา และหมั่นตรวจสอบว่าฝาปิดสนิทดี ทั้งฝาในและฝานอก***

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