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Purchase/Request for sample product

we are welcome customer to our store and test product, but we inform us in advance so we can prepared the samples.

We produce by client's order

For purchased order we produce at every Wednesday and delivery within the same day and the next day.

For sample product order we produce at every Thursday and delivery within the same day.

-Shipping rate
1-2 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100.-
3-5 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 120.-
6-9 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 150.-
10-14 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 190.-
15-19 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 220.-
20-24 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 250.-
25-29 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 300.-
30-35 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 360.-
36-40 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 400.-
41-50 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 460.-
51-60 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 500.-
61-70 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 540.-
71-80 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 580.-
81-90 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 630.-
91-99 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>>> 690.-
morethan 100 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 800.-
morethan120 Kg.>>>>>>>>>>> 850.-
morethan150 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 900.-
morethan200 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 1200.-
morethan500 Kg. >>>>>>>>>>> 2500.-

Shipping abbroad please contact us 


Normally  we updated our stock at every quater .However, there are some cases that high amount of flavors was ordered ,in this case if the product is out of stock there is 30-45 days leadtime.

Customers can request up to 4 samples at a time, with delivery charges (by distance).
Take a sample of about 2 weeks.

If the customer needs a quick sample. You can order 60 Cc by emailing or by calling 062-5672740.

Minimum Order Quantity For Flavor in stock can buy retail 1 kg.

For items not in stock Minimum Order: 20 kg.

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