- Please attention to these conditions before ordering -

As we are an agent  :

• A product will be produced corresponding to your order.

• 1 Kg. of minimum of quantity order for liquid flavour.

• 200 Kg. of minimum of quantity for powder flavour.

• Lead time for large quantity order  is 2 weeks after you receive a confirmation.

• All products -No free delivery-
Except customers come to collect them by themselve as agreed with our staff.
Or, if you have a carrier agent that you know and assist you save freight/ transportation fee,
you can notify our team too.

• In case our products that we delivered don't have a quality manufacturing
according to the factory that we imported,
such as damaged goods, customers can report to our team.

•  Based on our policy, if customers return the product, regardless of any circumstances,
our company can not be resold absolutely because it is considered as a defective product.

Thank you for your interest in Allwin Food Thailand /.
For more information, contact or other channels.